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PODCASTS:  Past, Present and Upcoming Shows



Episode#29 "Radio Silence"

Featuring A Light Divided
March 24th Youtube Live 7:30pm Eastern

Episode#149 Onyx Muse

March 24th Youtube Live 7:30pm Eastern
March 31st Youtube Live 7:30pm Eastern

Episode#150 Niki J Borger

March 31st Youtube Live 7:30pm Eastern
April 8th 7:30pm Et. Youtube Live

Episode#151 Cassidy Luxe

April 8th 7:30pm Et.
Youtube Live
April 10th 7:30pm Et. Youtube Live

Episode#152 Daisy Bean & Melony Melons

April 10th 7:30pm Et.
Youtube Live

Archived Shows:  Past Guests

Episode#120 "Pretty Ugly"

Featuring James Ellsworth
Guest Co Host Erik Woodworth

Fully Fermented Episode#24 "Solar Graphics"

Featuring Derek Sharp from Curtain Jerker Designs
Craig Blume from Powur

Episode#119 "The Church is on Fire"

Featuring Jim Bryan, Darnell Fusion, David Gilbert
Recorded Live at the church of satire

Episode#118 "Gators & Concussions"

Featuring Trinity St. Clair
Guest Co Host Johnny Goodluck

Episode#117 "Soapy Sex Robots"

Featuring Anastasia Rose

Episode#112 "Meatman Cometh"

Featuring Dee Williams

Fully Fermented Episode#22 "Sex In The Mouth"

Featuring Vagabond Sandwich Company

Fully Fermented Episode#21 "12 Shots Of August"

Featuring Content from HHTV S1 E6 & E7

Episode#107 "Not So Nasty"

Featuring Ray, Matt, & Tommy Sinbazo

Episode#88 "Drummin & Drinkin"

Featuring Kenny Aronoff
Extended Video Version on Youtube

Episode#87 "Kitten Play"

Featuring Isibella Karnstein
Extended Video Version on Youtube

The HHPod Round Table Episode#1

Featuring Chace Rawlings, Psycrotes, Chad Austin, Ruckus

Fully Fermented Episode#19 Welcome To The Madness

Featuring Highlights From HHTV Season 1 Episode#1

Episode#86 An Army of Monkeys, A Few Hyenas, and a Man With A Foam Filled Penis

Featuring Bryan Preston
Extended Video Version on Youtube

Fully Fermented Episode#18 "Still In Jersey"

Featuring Footage from Happy Hour TV’s Journey to The Jersey Shore Part 2
Facebook & Youtube Exclusives

Episode#85 "Squeaky Clean"

Featuring Pauline Irene Stacey
Extended Video Version on Youtube & Facebook

Episode#84 "That'll Do Pig"

Featuring Alexis Amore
Extended Video Version on Youtube

Episode#83 "Toto Goes to the Darkside of The Moon" Featuring Scott Page

Featuring Scott Page
Extended Video Version on Youtube

Episode#82 "Ankle Deep"

Featuring Ray Ray
Extended Video Version on Youtube

Episode#81 "VR By Johnny 5"

Featuring Nova Sky
Extended Video Version on Youtube

Episode#80 "Facedown In The Dead Sea"

Wendy Stuart Kaplan
Extended Video Version on Youtube

Episode#79 "Baywatch Seals"

Steve Hamm
Extended Video Version on Youtube

Episode#78 "Sorry Not Sorry"

Featuring Mr.Skin
Extended Video Version on Youtube

Episode#77B "The War Between"

Featuring Steve Freeman’s Art Show
Author T.K. Moore

Episode#77 "Fuck Mountain"

John & Allison from Roses Unread
Extended Video Version on Youtube

Episode#76 "Codword Spongebob"

Featuring Friendsgiving
Extended Video Version on Youtube

Episode#75 "The Cat Is Out Of The Shoebox"

Featuring Ray & Ashley Pontius

Episode#63A "Firestorm

Featuring Rocky Kramer

Episode#63B "Ballin" (Youtube Exclusive)

Featuring Coverage from Bubba’s Celeb Game. Interviews with Sgt. Pushup, Outer Control & Vince Painter

Episode#59 "Guarding Bodies & Breaking Hoops"

Featuring Celebrity Bodyguard Bubba Almony
& Harlem Wizards Player Lean Spacejam Sewell

Fully Fermented Episode#13 "Rain Rain Rain"

Featuring Actress / Comedian Rain Pryor

Episode#58 "Big Jim & The Twins"

Featuring Former ECW/ WWE Superstar Al Snow


Featuring Actor, Stuntman & Enrichment Speaker
Tim R. McAdams

Episode#56 "With Just An Arrow"

Featuring Model Catrina Rae

Episode#55 Raptors, Fireworks, & White Trash Man Children

Featuring Trans Gender Adult Film Star
Kimber Haven

Fully Fermented Episode#12 July 21 "Happy Hour Hulk Smash Asian"

Featuring Collector’s Corner Free Comic Book Day & Kims Krypt

Episode#54 "I Came In On Coming Out Of A Rhinos Anus"

Featuring Jaycee Clark & Scott Vallina from A Light Divided

Episode#52 "The Monkey Grabs The Clam"

Featuring Tommy Sinbazo, Vince Painter, Stunning Summer, David gilbert, Bobby Starr, Bubba Almony

Episode#51 "2 Girls 1 Can"

Featuring Hysteria Brewing Co.

Episode#50 "Jen or Jean Gray"

Featuring Dr. Jen Welter

Fully Fermented Episode#11 "Neon Painted Trees"

Featuring The Neon Trees Youtube Exclusive

Episode#49 "Vagina 11"

Featuring Johnny Goodluck

Episode#48 "Al Snow Fears Psycrotes"

Featuring Ray, Matt, Psycrotes

Fully Fermented Episode#10 "Poppin The Culture"

Featuring the now closed Geppi’s Entertainment Museum and their Zombie Nation Exhibit.

Fully Fermented Episode#9 "The Eye That Sees"

Featuring Now Defunct Local Band Eye Of All
Youtube Exclusive

Episode #42 "There I Was With A Giant 69 On My Chest

Featuring Cos Player & Comedian Josie Marellino

Episode# 41 "Bass & Scandinavian Women"

Featuring Musician Dave DeMarco

Episode# 40 "I Peed My Pants On A Ghost Hunt"

Featuring The Perry Hall Ghost Hunters

Youtube Exclusive "The Lost Episode"

Featuring Marissa Lucchese from MTV Double Shot at Love
Youtube Exclusive

Fully Fermented Episode#8 "The Jackson 2"

Youtube Exclusive! Featuring Tila Tequlia Shot of Love Star Kristy Morgan & C-Fed!

Episode#39 "A Pacemaker Or Crack?"

Featuring Our Handsome Hosts Ray & Matt, Special Guest Host Jason Colenzo

Episode#38 "Reese Witherspoon Pink"

Featuring 98 Rock Baltimore Afternoon Host, Comedian Marianne Sierk

Episode#37 "A Wet Ass Busey"

Featuring 2X Miss. Nude World & Feature Showgirl Janine Jericho

Youtube Exclusive "The First Time"

Featuring Music Band Cinder Road Youtube Exclusive

Episode#36 "Damn Right Bitch"

Featuring our beautiful hosts Ray, Mike, Matt

Episode#35 "Ken The Ripper"

Featuring Actress Power Rangers Zeo & Turbo, Podcast Host Nakia Burrise

Fully Fermented Episode#7 "White Rabbit"

Featuring Lead Singer of Egypt Central John Falls

Episode#34 "Warpigs Table Vol.4" "Into The Sunset"

Featuring Local Wrestlers The Warpigs

Episode#33 "Its Morphin Time"

Featuring Actress Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, The Cell & Podcast Host Catherine Sutherland

Episode#32 "We Hate Jumpers"

Featuring Owner Of Kyle Kustoms Frankie Kyle

Episode#31 "His Ambulance Bastard Father"

Featuring Comedian & Co Host of the Laugh Finder Podcast Erik Woodward

Episode#30 "I Am The Way"

Featuring Actor Hell Raiser Series & Star Wars The Old Republic Doug Bradley

Fully Fermented Episode#6 "Im Fed Up With These Strippers"

Featuring Local Pro Wrestler C-Fed & His Stripper Confessionals

Episode#29 "Big Macs, Mayonnaise Sandwiches, & Mushroom Juice

Featuring Former NFL Star & Co Owner of Chesapeake Apothecary Vinston Painter

Episode#28 "The Jill of All Trades"

Featuring Actress, Singer Tane McClure

Episode#27 "We Eatin Everyone Up In Here"

Featuring The Punk Rock Cannibals

Episode#26 "The Blob Kills Pee Wee"

Featuring SFX Artist & Co Owner of the Cineloggia Museum Nick Benson

Fully Fermented#5 "Eugene What Are You Doing?"

Featuring Pro Wrestler Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore

Episode#25 "An Apparitions Dick Pic"

Featuring Cara Romanik Medium & Host of the Glow Up Gals Podcast

Episode#24 "Fold The Sheriff Like A Sheet" Featuring

Featuring Actor Friday The 13th Part 6 Jason Voorhees

Episode#23 "Jacket On The Rack"

Featuring Musician Lead Singer of Puddle Of Mudd Wes Scantlin

Fully Fermented Episode#4 "Enter Jesse Jane"

Featuring Adult Film Star Jesse Jane

Episode#22 "A Lust For Aids Blood"

Featuring Author David Gilbert

Episode#21 "Im Eating My Fish!"

Featuring Comedian Tommy Sinbazo

Episode#19 "Debbie's Ghost Needs Body Guarding

Featuring Body Guard to the Stars Bubba Almony

Fully Fermented Live Episode#3 "A Very Large Man"

Featuring Vintage Content With Actor Tyler Mane

Episode#18 "Dont Throw The Coffee"

Featuring Hollywood SFX Artist / Tech Mick Strawn

Episode#17 "Budda & A Little Alien"

Featuring Actress Dee Wallace

Episode#16 "A Paranormal Xpedition"

Featuring Paranormal Investigator / Actress Rachel Hoffman

Episode#15 "From Cole to Coal"

Featuring Adult Film Star Alex Coal

Fully Fermented Episode#2 "Kick Flips & Beer"

Featuring Skater Ryan Boblits & Vu Skate Shop

Episode#14 "The Dingo"

Featuring Snowboarder Luke Trembath

Episode#13 "Everybody Hates Chad"

Featuring Former ECW Wrestler Chad Austin

Episode#12 "A Horrific Time"

Featuring The Hollywood Horror Museum

Episode#11 "Tigers & Sake"

Featuring Musician Theo Van De Loo Bassist Ego Kill Talent

Episode#10 "Safe Word Pineapple"

Featuring Fetish Model Kendra James

Fully Fermented Episode#1 "Tour Bus Madness"

Featuring Musician Sonny Sandoval From P.O.D.

Episode#9 "MILF Money"

Featuring Adult Film Star Karen Fisher

Episode#8 "The Extreme Ginger"

Featuring Adult Film Star Lauren Phillips

Episode#7 "A Snake In The Grass"

Featuring AEW Superstar + WWE Hall Of Famer Jake The Snake Roberts

Episode#6 "Grand Theft Sonic"

Featuring Our Hosts Ray, Mike, & Matt

Episode#5 "Starr Sruck" Part 2

Featuring Former WCW/WWE Star Bob Starr

Episode#4 "Starr Struck" Part 1

Featuring Former WCW/WWE Star Bob Starr

Episode#2 "Warpigs Table" Vol.2

Featuring Pro Wrestlers The Warpigs

Episode#1 "Warpigs Table" Vol.1

Featuring Pro Wrestlers The Warpigs